Beware the Seas of Chult - PoA

October 2, 2017

This week, we are happy to share with you our episode from the recent Podcasts of Annihilation, featured on the official Dungeons & Dragons feed, Dungeon Delve - with special guests Brittany from Venture Maidens and Will from Encounter Roleplay. We will resume our regular quest soon!


Beware the Seas of Chult: Five brave adventurers accept the quest of a mysterious woman by the name of Azaka Stormfang: to retrieve her family heirloom in the dangerous island of Chult. They are the twelfth group she has hired - the rest lost in the depths of the jungle. Little do they know that the dangers of Chult spread far beyond the solid ground. Can they reach the island in one piece?

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Special thanks again to Jacob Priddy for the background music!